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Marketing Authorization Holder.

Making the MAH process easy.

A MAH – Marketing Authorization Holder – is responsible for the quality, safety, and availability of a product. This isn’t an easy or light responsibility, especially for the first time and considering the particularities and legislation of specific countries.

Arriello supports future MAHs by helping them understand local requirements and register on local portals and global authority databases, and we can also act as a MAH representative on your behalf.

Arriello holds an SME status which means we can offer an alternative process by acting as the applicant for submission or as the Marketing Authorization Holder until the procedure approval is granted.

How can that help you?

  • We receive incentives as an SME resulting in smaller fees for our clients.
  • We act within the EEA.
  • We can hold a license while you are arranging supply routes.
  • We can hold the license for a MA duplicate.

Ultimately we can act as an extension of your organization until we perform a Marketing Authorization Transfer to you, making the whole process easy, efficient and pain free.