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We talk about delivering a faster, better, smarter service and experience at Arriello, and a major part of that is the discussion and assessment of current practices and trends. 

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Overcoming 5 barriers to process automation in PV.
Q2 - 2020

With more and more safety data to capture, and a window of just 15 days to assess and report serious adverse events to health authorities, the case for automating the most labour-intensive aspects of pharmacovigilance (PV), is strong. So, what is holding companies back from investing in process transformation?

Peter Kohut, Director of Drug safety at Arriello, explores the main hurdles preventing greater automation of PV data capture processes within life sciences firms, and suggests a way forward...

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Automating PV Data Capture: What's Holding Companies Back?
Q2 - 2020

Proven solutions exist now which could transform the efficiency, effectiveness and regulatory adherence of PV processes, without placing data at any risk of being compromised in any way.

By John Price.
Pharmacovigilance expert and advisor to Arriello.

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The challenges of delivering medicinal information online.
Q1 - 2020

In the light of new ePI guidelines in Europe for medicinal products, Irena Milobratovic, senior regulatory affairs manager at Arriello, considers the benefits and challenges associated with providing current product and safety information to patients and healthcare professionals via the web.

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Taking action to stem the safety/quality brain drain.
Q1/2 - 2020

If escalating salaries are unsustainable, what else can life sciences firms do to retain valuable pharmacovigilance talent as shortages grow, asks Alan White, CEO of Arriello.

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Running a tight ship: the importance of project management.
Q4/Q1/Q2 - 2019/20

When biotech and pharma organizations outsource activities it's too easy to neglect the importance of tight project management and stakeholder coordination.
Arriello's COO Anna Lukyanova highlights the importance of not leaving outsourcing outcomes to chance.

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Pharmacovigilance & the tech-driven future: are today’s teams fit for purpose?
Q4/Q1 - 2019/2

As more routine PV work is automated, and as technology literacy moves up the qualifications & experience wish list, a serious review of resourcing and education strategies is needed.
Arriello's COO Anna Lukyanova assesses the growing talent gap and suggests how the industry might address it.

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Tips for a joined-up approach to regulatory & pv outsourcing.
Q4/Q1 - 2019/20

Local affiliates are arguably just as in need of outsourcing support as primary pharma locations. But drawing on such services should be frictionless, and involve close coordination with the vision and goals of HQ.
Anna Lukyanova COO of Arriello, explores where biotech and pharma firms can go awry in their international service use, and offers tips on how to ease the transition for all...

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Are Regulatory Service providers over-estimating AI's potential?
Q4 - 2019

Advanced digital tools are certain to play a pivotal role in the redesign of labour-intensive regulatory processes, but there is a danger that AI's potential contribution is being over-hyped to life sciences firms.
Arriello's CEO Alan White warns that the key to ROI is in the application...

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Dwindling Choices for Patients & SME Firms.
Q3/4 - 2019

Merger & acquisition activity in life science is harming competition and reducing choice, both for patients and Pharma.
Arriello's CEO Alan White gives his insight into this pressing industry issue...

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