US Biopharma Geron to Use IntelliCASE
for Clinical Pharmacovigilance Reporting.

The innovative mobile app, which converts natural language into text, will allow clinical trial participants of any nationality to record any adverse effects directly into a PV database, while retaining full visibility for study controllers.

Geron PV Report

Dublin, Ireland – January 26th , 2021

Arriello, a global expert in pharmacovigilance consulting and life science outsourcing services, has today announced that Geron Corporation has chosen IntelliCASE as a mobile data capture solution for pharmacovigilance.

Geron a late-stage clinical biopharmaceutical company headquartered in California, is focused on the development and potential commercialization of a first-in-class telomerase inhibitor, imetelstat, in hematologic myeloid malignancies.

Arriello’s IntelliCASE app supports the capture of adverse event data via mobile devices, ensuring that detailed pharmacovigilance information is captured promptly and correctly. It uses speech-to-text data capture, streamlining the intake process in native languages, enhancing the speed, quality and engagement during adverse event recording.

Arriello originally created the app for use by pharmaceutical reps and clinicians in the field. Because case intake data can be captured immediately using natural speech in the local languages of trial participants, IntelliCASE removes the need for intermediate processing via a third party – adding to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Commenting on the selection of IntelliCASE, Rob Curtis, Chief Marketing Officer at Arriello said: “The app is completely intuitive and convenient to use, removing any practical or logistical barriers to Adverse Event reporting. The data can be captured naturally, in the moment - without the need for an intermediary, and requiring minimal exertion.

“Crucially, IntelliCASE is a fully validated system which can be implemented rapidly. With this powerful, targeted app, Arriello offers an easy to use pharmacovigilance system that’s proved readily adaptable.”

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