Team Yellow's CSR activities at a glance!

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Q4 2018:

During this festive period, numerous tables are filled with delicious food and occupied with family and friends. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy this momentous occasion. As part of our CSR initiative, Team Yellow decided to help the communities both locally and internationally throughout this festive period.

In total, Arriello donated €1500 to food banks internationally, whilst 2 large boxes of delicious and nutrient filled foods were donated through employees to send to the food banks. The proceeds were raised to support the large demand at food banks during this period and Arriello will continue to give and participate in these sharing activities in the future.

Additionally, Arriello supports Lemniskata every year by purchasing hand made goods such as notepads, calendars, cards and custom-made gifts. Lemniskata supports and employs people with mental or physical disabilities with their motto being a “life without barriers”. Arriello has maintained the relationship with Lemniskata and will continue to do so in the future.

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Q1 2019:

With the youth being the driving force for the future of our society, education plays an important role. Some children do not have access to the same education that others have. Arriello supported this cause by donating money to Children in need (CZ), Irish Youth Foundation (IRE) and Horton Kid’s (US) to help these organizations afford basic school equipment.

Secondly, Team Yellow wanted to present an opportunity to the children by offering them new skills and to talk about their international life experiences. The organization META came down to our Prague operation’s office to take part in a workshop which involved creating a homemade ecological detergent for washing clothes and listening to Team Yellow’s global travelling and international learning experiences.

META enjoyed spending the afternoon with us and we hope that our involvement can be of help to the children in their future experiences. META provides support and opportunities for young migrants whilst aiming to guarantee equal opportunities for everyone to use their full potential.







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