Arriello leads roundtable discussion
at Proventa 2018


Arriello in Boston - a great success!

Over the week 5-9th November Arriello’s founders Alan White and Anna Lukyanova led an action-packed series of event days for Team Yellow.

The beginning of the week saw us at the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials New England event, followed by the Proventa Strategy meetings for both Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory affairs.

At the Proventa Regulatory meeting, our Director of Regulatory Affairs Gabriela Marton led an absolutely full round table discussion, pictured, around the European landscape, Brexit and the implications and changes for both.

This was clearly an engaging session as we had to clear out the room for the break! And for Arriello, we were able to demonstrate the depth of expertise and experience we have in the area and in our team.

All in all, a hectic but informative and successful week in the United States.







Roundtable discussion

More information

For information about our Regulatory Affairs services, Market Access and Life-cycle consulting contact Gabriela Marton direct at [email protected].

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