New Project & Pharmacovigilance appointments 

We are pleased to announce several exciting new additions to the Arriello team.


New hires

At Arriello, we pride ourselves on recruiting team members with the perfect mix of experience, knowledge and determination; this unique blend provides us with the best method to provide exceptional service and meet your requirements.

To support our continued business expansion, we are pleased to announce several exciting new additions to the Arriello team. We are confident that our new team members will embrace the challenges ahead. We would like to share key information about them with you.

Miroslava Matikova
PV Project Manager,  Deputy QPPV

Miroslava is pharmacist by background, she has 3 years of experience in the field of pharmacovigilance on both a national and international level.  Her professional experience includes being the Slovakian Alternate Delegate of Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) at the European Medicine Agency and working as a Pharmacovigilance Assessor in Pharmacovigilance department at Competent Authority in the EU.  LinkedIn Profile

Eva Beranova
PV Project Manager

Eva is a pharmacist by background and was educated at the Comenius University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.  Having previously worked in the Global Generics company Zentiva as a Pharmacovigilance specialist, where she was involved in a number of projects, she joined Arriello to become a Project Manager for a key Pharmacovigilance outsourcing project.  Her excellent communication skills and determination to deliver were key factors in being chose to join our team and we welcome her continued contribution and flexibility.  LinkedIn Profile

Zuzana Planockova
PV Operations

Zuzana has over four years’ experience in PV, specialising in Data Management and Medical Writing.  Additionally, she has the knowledge of quality systems, PV Audits and PV training.  Zuzana graduated from Charles University with a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical & Toxicological Analysis and has a Masters in Analytical Chemistry.  She looks to bring new ideas for improvement, support and a good spirit of teamwork.  LinkedIn Profile

Milena Dobricanin
Project Assistant

Milena joins us as a graduate of Law from University of Belgrade. Most recently, Milena attained her Master degree in Law from Charles University in February 2017.  She looks to bring hard work to the table and a positive mind-set.  LinkedIn Profile

Zuzana F

Let Us Help You

We’re very pleased that our new recruits saw that we offered the best opportunity to develop and grow with an experienced company like Arriello.

As an experienced provider of Pharmacovigilance & Regulatory Affairs offerings, we work across the globe to provide Biotech, Pharmaceutical and CRO companies with solutions to ensure they meet their global regulatory and drug safety needs.  Our experienced team of Project Managers and technical staff are there to ensure effective communication in a complex technical environment.

If you or your company feel that you could benefit from our support, simply contact [email protected] and we will contact you to understand your needs.


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