More new hires for Arriello
commercial team to meet demand


Arriello Global PV Network Image

Arriello has appointed 2 new members to its commercial development team in response to the growth in demand and services at Arriello - Dominik Hodboď, Commercial Development Manager for Europe, and Andrija Asanovic, Sales Support Executive. They will both report to Adam Sherlock, Arriello’s new Commercial Director.

Dominik joins Arriello from sector competitor PrimeVigilance and has immediately been taken by the difference in approach between the two companies.

DOMINIK AND ANDRIJA Arriello Global Pharmacovigilance System and Services

“It's very easy to understand why so many global Pharma/Biotech companies are now choosing Arriello as their preferred Life Sciences services partner. I'm excited to have arrived at such a key stage in the growth of team yellow and looking forward to engaging with and supporting new and existing Pharma/Biotech clients in the future”

Dominik Hodbod'
Commercial Development Manager | Arriello




We wish Dominik and Andrija every success in their new roles and part in Arriello’s continued global expansion and success.

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