Arriello participates in two
CSR initiatives for Sue Ryder

As a global life sciences service provider, we have always been keen to give back to the communities in which we operate.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, we recently participated in two initiatives where we felt we could make a difference.

Sue Ryder CSR walk

Charity Walk

Sue Ryder held a charity walk on 15th June 2017 in which our team took part as well as over 100 other participants.  The theme of the walk was “How to not lose oneself in old age”.

The reasoning behind this was to remind the public (and raise money) that we are all going to get old eventually and we may need help from someone at a certain point in our lives.

The two hour walk started off at Letna, Prague, and it allowed the team to see beautiful locations such as the Prague Castle, Petrin Hill with the walk finishing at the National Theatre.  The team had a great time taking in the sights whilst socialising amongst each other with good spirits.

In total, there were 100 participants with 12 participating from Arriello each contributing a participation fee.

Clothes Donation

Our next initiative involved a clothes donation which involved the whole office.  We were asked to find any old clothes we would like to donate with the goal of raising enough money for Sue Ryder.  In total, we ended up donating 4 big boxes.  We were successful with our initiative as we raised a total of €266.

Both proceedings go to financing the care of clients at the home such as seniors who need help from others in their day-to-day activities due to age or health.

CEO Alan White said,

“We would like to give back to the community, Sue Ryder represents a fun, caring and passionate culture that we at Arriello stand by.  The activities and initiatives Sue Ryder have, match with the ethos that we wish to follow, so we saw this as a perfect opportunity to contribute

Why did we choose Sue Ryder?

We chose Sue Ryder due to the different initiatives they use to fundraise the money, how they use the donations and the global scale of the organization.  They take good care of the elderly and we appreciate how friendly they are.  Sue Ryder provide incredible hospice, neurological care, emotional and practical support for people facing a frightening, life-changing diagnosis.

Below is gentle reminder on how our donations can assist Sue Ryder:

  • €4  - 1 hour of operation Compensation aid rental
  • €8 - less than 1 hour of personal assistant work
  • €11 - 2 hours of individual ergotherapy of clients
  • €20 - 4 hours of work of the carer in residential services of Sue Ryder's Home
  • €40 - Consumption of medical material for one and a half days in the Home for 52 people

For more information about Sue Ryder, please click here

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