Arriello moves to a new office!

Our Prague operations office moves to a brand-new faster, better, smarter office location in the city center.

Prague Office Move 2017

From June 2017, we're at Olivova 2096/4

We are excited to announce that our Operations office has moved to a new location in the centre of Prague. With our Operations team growing in size, it was again time for us to move into a new office. We spent just over a year at our old office (Na Porici 44) before we had to move due to our team growing so quickly over the last year!

The brand-new office is located in the centre of Prague and we put a lot of emphasis on it being environmentally aware and friendly as well as being a cool place to work. After all – you spend a lot of your time in the office so it should be a great place to work and relax.

The office includes a live wall, hydroponics, relaxation room, PlayStation 4, football table, massage chair and has 5 meeting rooms for our ever-increasing need for Project Skype for Business calls with our clients and partners. The new address is Olivova 2096/4, 110 00, Czech Republic

Our old office served us well & we experienced some great memories from there. However, all good things must come to an end, and we are excited for the new fresh start.

Prague Office Move 2017
Arriello Prague New Office Kitchen
Arriello Prague New Office Meeting Room 1

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