Arriello support children's NGO in Washington

Horton's kids

It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon last week in Washington DC.
After a successful 3 days presenting at the Risk Management & Pharmacovigilance event in DC, we decided that rather than just utilize the brand new 55” TV we had invested in for the show at our Princeton office, we would instead donate it to a worthwhile charity that could make use of it.

Our choice was to identify an NGO in DC that would benefit from a big TV!  After careful thought, we felt there was no better group of people to benefit from a TV than children!  We found a group called Horton’s Kids, a group that focuses on helping some of the most at-risk children in Washington, DC graduate from high school ready for success in college, career, and life.


Alan White, CEO, Arriello commented:

“In 2016, we agreed to have a formal CSR plan for 2017 and we have already taken part in 2 activities. With this one, we simply felt that the cost of a Television to us was a lot less than it would be to a worthwhile charity so we decided, on that day to donate it to a suitable cause!”

Anna Lukyanova, COO, Arriello added:

“The reason we chose Horton’s Kids was because we were really enthused by their ethos.  They are on Capitol Hill and yet only one mile away there is poverty at an unbelievable level - the average salary is less than 10,000USD. They were shocked to receive our call and very happy to receive our TV!  We were happy to oblige.”

About Arriello:

Arriello is a full-service provider of Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance services and the leading provider of local services such a regulatory Intelligence and Local Contact Persons and QPPVs.  We have offices in Europe and North America and a vendor network that covers over 10 countries worldwide.

About Horton’s Kids:

Horton’s Kids empowers children growing up in one of DC’s most violent, under-resourced communities so that they graduate from high school ready for success in college, career, and life. They serve 500 children in grades K-12 living in Wellington Park, a neighborhood where 80 percent of adults don’t have a high school diploma and the average annual household income is less than $10,000. With support from committed volunteers, Horton’s Kids’ goal is to change the life trajectory of children by providing academic, youth development, and health and basic needs supports. Their impact is dramatic: in fact, the high school graduation rate for Horton’s Kids participants is double the neighbourhood average.  To learn more visit You can donate directly to Hortons Kids here.

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