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LUCIA Global and Local Pharmacovigilance

#TeamYellow star Lucia Contofalska recently talked at an annual meeting of Slovak patients from the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation 

Lucia, who has a strong pharmacological interest in the subject area having written a thesis on it, helped patients by giving them qualified advice on natural food supplements and herbs used during chemotherapy treatment or after Bone Marrow transplant. Examples include the vitamins needed generally and for specific phases of treatment and herbs such as St John’s Wort, Chlorella and medicinal funghi like Shitake, Soya, Curcuma, Milk Thistle etc.

Join us as we applaud Lucia in her efforts to ensure our experts are still able to make a real and direct difference in patient safety and wellbeing.

LUCIA CONTOFALSKA Global and Local Pharmacovigilance
On a professional level, I’m always concerned about patient safety and wellbeing and it’s foremost in our minds with our clients, but it’s nice to get the chance to contribute at the grass roots level, directly to patients sometimes too.

Lucia Contofalska
PV Specialist

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