Arriello operations office to expand

Prague Office Move 2017

Arriello is growing - and growing fast

2016 was a record year for the group with record revenues and new projects with strategic clients that have taken the business to the next level.  The result of this has been a significant increase in headcount in line with both project successes and also, planning in line with the 2017/2018 Pipeline.

As a result, despite only moving to purpose-built premises in 2015, we are now in the final stages of making a decision on capacity increase.

Anna Lukyanova, Head of Operations, commented

“The commercial success of the business has a direct impact on project headcount.  We are an outsourcing business at heart and so with increases above and beyond our previous expectations, and with the direction of travel the business is evidently going in, we believe it is prudent to plan ahead and seek a larger space.  That project commenced in Q4 2016 and should be finalized by the end of February.  We anticipate a further 3 months before any such move would take place.  As with everything we do, Project Management is key, including planning our own office!"

About Arriello:

Arriello has been a leading global provider of risk management and compliance services to the Life Sciences sector since 2008. It has over 80 years of combined experience working across 143 countries in the EU, LATAM, MENA, CIS, and APAC regions. Its mission is to make the process from development to market faster, better and smarter, and it has embedded a company culture based around these 3 aims.


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