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Clinical trial monitoring committees support.

Expert support for all your clinical committee needs.

During the clinical development of a medicinal product there are regulatory requirements for sponsor companies to set up advisory committees to oversee the conduct of certain clinical trials and monitor data and safety.

There are various types of committees: Sponsor oversight committees, FDA- specific committees, or independent ones, such as a Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) or Data Monitoring Committee (DMC).

Regardless of the type of committee support you require, we can support you through our in-house clinical consultants and experts, and the independent experts from our exclusive PV Advisory Board, by providing:

  • A wide range of services from committee charter creation to committee running and management.
  • PV expert membership, chairmanship, consultancy, and support to identify subject matter experts and key opinion leaders.

Event Adjudication.

PV experts from our Advisory Board
can also support you in the adjudication

of important adverse events.