Speech enabled case reporting in your pocket!

IntelliCASE. The world's first mobile, customizable, ICSR solution that allows you to use speech to text in multiple languages.

IntelliCASE mobile case reporting

Structured case reports made easy.

IntelliCASE provides a simple, intuitive and easy way to complete a structured case report form on your mobile device. It indicates the fields required for a valid case, allows you to attach photos or other files, save the report as a draft if required and preview/edit it before submission.

Case processing follow ups with urgency levels and required dates are also handled in-system direct to the user dashboard with email acknowledgements for each case/update submission.

Fully validated to GAMP 5 GxP standards and recommendations, IntelliCASE is E2B R3 compliant and can be adapted to E2B R2 systems as required.

Creating a case report, on the move, when you want, just became a whole lot easier.

IntelliCASE - 3 opening screens_2
IntelliCASE 3 Opening Screens_3

Enter data by text, or speech, in your language.

But what makes IntelliCASE a unique world's first in the market is the ability to enter data from your voice, in over 100 languages, alongside keyboard text entry. That makes the entry of more detailed or longer information easier, and the likelihood of better and more detailed data higher. And the system can be programmed to learn and recognize 100 specific product/treatment/condition keywords for each question.

Using a clear, intuitive and easy to use interface with voice capabilities frees users up from having to report cases by email and traditional forms, and encourages faster, better, smarter reporting overall, with downstream effort reductions and reduced follow ups.

The user interfaces for both the Reporter and Tracker modules can be customized to your language requirements beyond English.

Module 1. Reporter

The IntelliCASE Reporter module allows users to create, review and report a case via their mobile device from anywhere with internet access. Data can go to the Tracker module or directly to a client Safety Database.

Supported by HTML 5 compliant browsers.


IntelliCASE - 3 opening screens_4

Module 2. Tracker

The IntelliCASE Tracker module can be used as the case processing tool and/or as a system for reconciliation with an external client Safety Database.

Supported by HTML 5 compliant browsers.


IntelliCASE Tracker dashboard

Instant translation ability.

The IntelliCASE Tracker module also has some speed related features around translation built in such as:

An instant quick translation using Google Translate into English that allows PV specialists to make an initial quick assessment of a case ahead of any further translation.

A 'Send for translation' option can be used to instantly send a case to a certified translator, or to a translation vendor.

IntelliCASE Tracker instant translation

Who is it for?

The initial use scenario and development for IntelliCASE has been Field Representatives, who report cases as part of their Health Care Provider client network, but we expect to develop the system and interfaces to client requirements for direct HCP, Pharmacy or Patient Support Program reporting.

IntelliCASE was built to be customized from an easy to integrate base system to your user scenarios and technical requirements from the ground up.

By designing the system around smart essentials for speed and ease of use, it avoids the need for complexity to connect to your existing systems, makes regulatory compliance easier, and focuses on the ability to create a user experience perfectly tailored to your reporting needs.

IntelliCASE - 3 opening screens_4

From intelligent automation to artificial intelligence.

The IntelliCASE system was built in partnership with Artificial Intelligence specialists Good AI with an expectation that at some point we would be able to extend the use of your case report data if required.

Depending on the amount of data you have, and what you might want to know (or what you didn’t think of until now), we can create a further tailored custom solution using algorithmic and machine learning capabilities that can provide impactful business insights or predictors.

We also intend to implement Good AI's exclusive chatbot technology in future versions.

More information on Good AI here.

IntelliCASE features and benefits.

E2B compliant
Connects to your E2B R3 safety database and can be adapted for E2B R2.

GAMP 5 GxP validated for auditing and quality management compliance.

In-system follow ups
Urgency levels and dates direct to the user dashboard.

Selection of multiple voice input languages.

Your language interface/system/user requirements.

Outputs data/audit trails to most common formats, customizable to any others.

AI capable
Developed to use custom insight algorithms with your data.

Clear, intuitive and easy to use interface.

When and where you want online.

Voice or text input
It’s your choice.

Direct transfer to Tracker and client safety DB.

Faster, easier input, better data, rapid/reduced follow ups, instant acknowledgements.

Expert design
Developed by PV people, for PV people.

PV specialists spend more time on thinking and analysis than labor intensive administration = more focus on safety.

Download the IntelliCASE brochure.


You'll find all the key information about IntelliCASE in our brochure, which you can download here.

Faster, better, smarter case reporting is here, now!

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