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It's here... key findings from Arriello's brand new transatlantic study!

Pharmacovigilance Automation Adoption Survey – UK & US.

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Arriello automated and intelligent systems and solutions

Digital enablement with human expertise.

Easy to use, safety enhancing, automated products for the life sciences industry.

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IntelliCASE mobile case reporting

Introducing IntelliCASE.
Speech enabled case reporting in your pocket!

IntelliCASE. The world's first mobile customizable ICSR solution that allows you to use speech to text in multiple languages.

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Arriello Covid19 2020 BGD

Are you prepared?
Case Reporting for workers in isolation or hard to reach.

IntelliCASE needs only a smartphone and an internet connection.
It's an obvious choice for events like Covid-19.

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Our digital solutions vision.

Arriello is building a range of interconnected products for the life sciences industry that leverage the latest in automation, artificial intelligence and technology.

Through a balanced approach between digital enablement and human expertise, our focus is on creating solutions that are faster, better and smarter with less risk than existing processes, or that create entirely new ways of working.

Our systems and solutions aim to enhance, improve or redefine areas such as individual case safety reporting, medical information, literature screening, medical information, regulatory information and signal detection.

How we intend to get there.

To achieve our vision, we intend to build each product based on the needs and opportunities of both our internal service areas and from client feedback.

Our belief is that we should develop software with life science experts, for life science experts, to make sure what we're building and why we're building it, have a solid foundation in real world application.

On top of that our key objective is to make everything we create simple and intuitive through good UI and UX design, so that use is a positive progression from the systems and processes we use today. In this sense, our trademark communication and transparency approach is replicated in the use of technology to create digital systems that are truly faster, better, smarter ways of working.

It's here, our UK & US Pharmacovigilance Automation Adoption Survey, free to download.


This substantial new survey, conducted with a hefty cross-section of pharmaceutical organizations in the UK and US, exposes a lack of technology awareness and poor appreciation of the rapid ROI associated with automating adverse event case capture.

Data quality, speed & completeness of reporting – as well as resource optimization – could all be improved by automating adverse event capture, so why aren’t more life sciences companies capitalizing on opportunities to transform workload and data quality by using the latest smart technology and systems?

Our survey tries to find out...

Case intake. Making next gen, now gen.

Dr. John Price, industry expert and one of Arriello's US based PV Advisory Board members talks about the findings from our transatlantic survey, and why companies are missing out by not automating now, on this Xtalks webinar recording.


"On the face of it, it looks as though pharmaceutical companies don’t want to miss out on the promise of AE case intake automation. Yet many may not appreciate how quickly they could transform their PV operations and redeploy expensive professionals’ time - with a potentially huge ROI - if they automated manual AE case intake. "

Case intake. Making next gen, now gen.

Dr. John Price
Arriello Advisory Board member, US.


Delivering products that embody the Arriello brand.

Faster, better, smarter is Arriello's defining ethos, so it's important that our move into creating automated and intelligent products matches that brand expectation. This approach keeps our products innovative, differentiated and easy to use in the real world scenarios they are designed for.

"Creating these new automated and intelligent products requires careful assessment, review and testing of all our ideas and features, coupled with a great user experience, all packaged so that it's clear these are Arriello systems and solutions. It's critical that we ensure our brand promise extends into the non-human domain of software, in the same people/client/human way it does currently."

Rob Curtis
Marketing Director


Speech enabled case reporting in your pocket!

IntelliCASE is the world's first mobile, customizable, ICSR solution that allows you to use speech to text in multiple languages.

IntelliCASE provides a simple, intuitive and easy way to complete a structured case report form on your mobile device It indicates the fields required for a valid case, allows you to attach photos or other files, save the report as a draft if required and preview/edit it before submission.

Case processing follow ups are direct to the user dashboard, it's fully validated to GAMP 5 GxP standards and is E2B R3 compliant, but what makes it a unique world's first in the market is the ability to enter data from your voice, in multiple languages, alongside keyboard text entry.

Creating a case report, on the move or when you want, just became a whole lot easier.


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